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Have you heard of Lefty?

May 18th, 2020 | Comments Off on Have you heard of Lefty? | Posted in Scales And Tails

“Elias Caress, aka ‘Lefty’, is a magician based out of Salt Lake City UT, but performs worldwide.We bump into Elias at several big events each year.  Sometimes it’s a county fair, sometimes it’s a convention.  Sometimes he’s the MC of the main stage, sometimes he’s just finishing up a magic show as we’re on our way up to do our own show for the crowd.  Like us, Elias understands that in a big event there will be all ages and all demographics.  So you can’t do just a kids show, or just an adult’s show.  It has to be fun for everyone!  Elias uses family appropriate comedy and audience interaction to make his magic show memorable and exciting for the whole audience, not just a selected demographic. You can see tons of pictures and videos of Elias on his website and social media here.  You can also find out where to see him live!






May 3rd, 2020 | Comments Off on GoFundme | Posted in Scales And Tails

We have had an outpouring of love from the community wanting to make sure the animals were ok and cared for. As such we have setup a Gofundme campaign to allow the general public to help contribute.

Other ways to contribute:

Venmo: @scalesandtailsutah 

PayPal: shane@scalesandtailsutah.com

Donations of: Produce/lean meat/adult frozen mice. (Please inquire as to specific need at time of donation.)

Thank you to everyone who has donated and who will donate in the future. We have been humbled and are so grateful for your generosity during this economic crisis. Please enjoy this video that gives the story of how Scales and Tails came to be.

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We are moving our shows online!!

March 24th, 2020 | Comments Off on We are moving our shows online!! | Posted in Scales And Tails

Covid -19 look out! Scales and Tails will now be available for performing online shows for anyone who would like them.

We will still have our standard reptile show offerings, but we will also be adding in a mini reptile or bird show that will be great as a reward for doing school work or chores, or just to give the caretakers a minute to breath. Check out our current show package offerings: Shows & Pricing

Requirements: Clients will need a laptop, smart phone, tablet, or desktop with camera/video capabilities. You will need access to the internet and will be asked to download a small application called Zoom prior to the call of you don’t already have it.

Downside: You won’t be able to pet the reptiles.

Upside: It will still be interactive and we can give you a copy of the show after it’s over.

Personal attention right through your laptop!

Shoot us an e-mail or give us a call and we’ll get your online party setup today! 801-577-7182, info@scalesandtailsutah.com

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Covid-19 and Scales and Tails Utah

March 13th, 2020 | Comments Off on Covid-19 and Scales and Tails Utah | Posted in Scales And Tails

Dear Scales and Tails fans – 

We are closely monitoring developments of the global pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19). We are following updates from all sources.  Based upon current information, we will continue to operate as normal. This is subject to change as information is updated. 

We are keeping the health of our staff, guests and volunteers in the fore front of our daily dealings. As such, we will be taking extra precautions for our faculty tours. All guests will be asked to wash or sanitize their hands before and after their tours and anyone appearing ill will be asked to come back at a later time. Additional sanitation of common surfaces will also be implemented throughout the day such as door handles, bathrooms, railings, etc. 

Any of our staff who are not comfortable working during this trying time will be allowed to suspend their work schedules with proper notice. 

All traveling shows will continue as scheduled unless the purchaser cancels or reschedules. Please give us at least 24 hour notice of any changes. 

DONATIONS: We will gladly take donations of fruits, vegetables, raw chicken, turkey, and frozen or live rodents & rabbits so help us keep our animals fed. Due to the schools closing, we have lost a significant amount of income that would have been used to feed our animals. 

Any questions or concerns will be directed to the owners at 801-577-7182 or info@scalesandtailsutah.com


Shane & Rindy Richins, Owners

Shamrock Paint Night @ Scales and Tails Utah!

March 7th, 2019 | Comments Off on Shamrock Paint Night @ Scales and Tails Utah! | Posted in Scales And Tails

“Shamrock Paint Nite at Scales & Tails Utah” on Saturday March 16th, 2019 6:30-8:30pm for Adults with instructor, Joy McManaman: $35 per person, all supplies included. Come and get into the spirit of St Patrick’s day with a little art night out in the company of the cool creatures at Scales and Tails Utah! All abilities welcome, and even if you have never painted before, this is a simple and fun painting to try! Local artist, Joy McManaman will lead the class in step by step instruction. Light refreshments provided. Space is limited to 12 adults.

  Book online now!
Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Scales & Tails!
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Junior Zookeepers over Winter Break

December 14th, 2018 | Comments Off on Junior Zookeepers over Winter Break | Posted in Scales And Tails

Junior Zookeepers!

We will be offering our Zookeeper Camps over the Winter Break!  See the details below then jump over to our Zookeeper page to get signed up!

Zookeeper For a Day

Zookeeper Program for Youth ages 6 – 16: Does your child have a passion for animals?  Would he or she love to have a chance to work behind the scenes?  Then this is the opportunity they have been waiting for!  On various dates throughout the school year we will allow up to 12 children or teens to come in and be zookeepers for a couple hours prior to our Public Hours.  Participants will get the opportunity to help our staff, clean animal enclosures, prepare meals and feed the animals, learn reptile husbandry and simple vet care, handle animals that the general public typically does not get to work with and receive special training on how to deal with reptiles in the wild.  Zookeeper duties will vary so each session will not be the same.  

Cost will be $25/child.  

Zookeeper time frame: 2 hours. Includes a T-Shirt Children can book multiple sessions. 

Visit our website for registration: Zookeeper


Various – See Below:  

  • 12/24 – (10am – 12pm) – Utah Native Animal Species – Find out all about local species of snakes, lizards, and amphibians
  • 12/26 – (10am – 12pm) – Food Chain – Learn more about the food chain when it relates to reptiles
  • 12/27 – (10am – 12pm) – Cheloneon Day – Meet all of our favorite turtles and tortoises
  • 12/28 – (10am – 12pm) – Care of Mystical Creatures Day! – We will travel to a time of witches and wizards to meet creatures from the days of Magic!
  • 12/31 – (8am -10am) – Animal Care – Learn about diet, heat, humidity and what to look for to identify a sick animal (Note: earlier start time)
  • 1/1 – (10am – 12pm) – Animal Adaptations – Find out the many ways reptiles have adapted with color, shape and size to survive their world.
  • 1/2 – (10am – 12pm) – Good Pet Day – Find out what animals would be considered good pets for your age and ability
  • 1/3 – (10am – 12pm) – Crocodilian Day – Learn all about alligators, crocodiles and caiman
  • 1/4 – (10am – 12pm) – Bird Day – Meet and Greet with the birds of Scales and Tails!
  • 1/21 – (10am – 12pm) – Spiders, Scorpions, & Cockroaches – Oh my! – Learn all about our amazing creepy crawlers
  • 2/18 – (10am – 12pm) – Care of Mystical Creatures Day! – We will travel to a time of witches and wizards to meet creatures from the days of Magic!


  • Maximum of 12 participants per keeper session
  • $25 participant fee per session 
  • Participant must fill out registration form and liability waiver prior to participation
  • Youth ages 6-16 allowed to participate
  • Zookeeper duties will vary from session to session
  • Participants may sign up for multiple sessions (must repeat registration for each date of camp)
  • Please note, registration is not final until you have paid and been accepted into the date requested by reply e-mail.
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Holiday Hours at Scales & Tails Utah

December 14th, 2018 | Comments Off on Holiday Hours at Scales & Tails Utah | Posted in Scales And Tails

We will be offering additional hours for the upcoming holidays! 

12/19 – Wednesday – Open 4-8pm, SPECIAL ALLIGATOR SHOW @ 6pm

12/20 – Thursday – Open 4-8pm

12/21 – Friday – Open 4-8pm

12/22 – Saturday – Open 10am – 4pm

12/23 – Sunday – Closed

12/24 – Monday – Open 12-8pm

12/25 – Tuesday – Closed – to allow our staff to be with their families

12/26 – Wednesday – Open  12 – 8pm

12/27 – Thursday – Open 12 – 8pm

12/28 – Friday – Open 12 – 8pm

12/29 – Saturday Open 10am – 4pm

12/30 – Sunday – Closed

12/31 – Monday – Open 10am – 6pm w/ Gator Feeding Show at 3pm

1/1 – Tuesday – Open 12 – 8pm – $5 Tuesday

1/2 – Wednesday – Open 12- 8pm

1/3 – Thursday – Open 12 – 8pm

1/4 – Friday – Open 12 – 8pm

1/5 – Saturday – Open 10am – 4pm

** These hours are for our general admission to come visit us behind the scenes at our facility.  The traveling show availability is by appointment.**

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2018 Summer Hours

June 2nd, 2018 | Comments Off on 2018 Summer Hours | Posted in Scales And Tails

Effective June 4, 2018 we will be open 6 days a week for the public to come in for Behind the Scenes tours at our facility.  The new summer hours will be:

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 12pm – 8pm

Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday” 10am – 4pm

Sunday: Closed

Admission: $7/child (3-12 years), $10/adult, 2 & under Free

Tuesdays: $5/person admission for everyone (2 & under free)

No appointments required for our public hours, however if you have a group over 10 people, it’s a good idea to call in a week ahead of time so we can accommodate your party.

$5 Tuesdays!

March 3rd, 2018 | Comments Off on $5 Tuesdays! | Posted in Scales And Tails

Staring in March 2018, we will be offering a discount on our Tuesday’s!  We will offer a $5 admission ticket for both children and adults.  Kids 2 and under will still be Free.  Come take advantage of our earlier hours to bring in the younger kids for an interactive and educational experience.

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Saying Goodbye to and old friend “Zig Zag”

November 16th, 2017 | Comments Off on Saying Goodbye to and old friend “Zig Zag” | Posted in Scales And Tails

Zig Zag has been one of our animal ambassadors for well over 10 years.  We finally had to make the decision to put him to rest recently.  We were in contact with Dr. Scott Echols at the time and he was looking for monitor lizards to study for his project. We opted to donate Zig Zag to science to see if we could help further his cause.

Dr. Echols is researching animals and reptiles specifically like crazy.  The medical knowledge base for reptiles is quite small and very little can be done to help most sick reptiles once the reach the point of needing vet care.  Dr. Echols is trying to change that.  Check out the research he has been working on in the Science Friday story that was just released.



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