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March Workshop – Agamids and Iguanids Night!

February 27th, 2009 | Comments Off on March Workshop – Agamids and Iguanids Night! | Posted in Scales And Tails

Now most of you are asking yourself…what are Agamids and Iguanids??  Well you are going to find out!  Our Reptile Rookie night this month is about some of our favorite “pet” lizards.  Most of you have heard of Iguanas, Chuckwallas, Collard Lizards and Marine Iguanas… they fall under the family of Iguanids.  The Bearded Dragon, Frill Dragon, Water Dragon, Uromastyx, and many other lizards fall under the Agamid family.   These two families of lizards are so COOL because these are the ones that are typically very nice, not likely to bite and are usually very hardy.  So come on our to Agamid and Iguanid Night and get ready for fun!

This is a public workshop and we invite anyone who wants to come!

WHEN: Wednesday, March 18th

TIME: 6:30pm

WHERE: 152 W. Burton Ave., Ste. F, SLC (the Scales and Tails showroom)

COST: $5/child


(One Year Reptile Rookie Membership for an individual is $15, for a Family it’s $25)

Color Crazy night was Crazy!

February 25th, 2009 | Comments Off on Color Crazy night was Crazy! | Posted in Scales And Tails

We went wild at our last Reptile Rookie night!  First off we had local python breeder, Mike Jenks, come talk to us about snake breeding, color morphs, and how to tell if a snake is a boy or a girl.  Then we pretended to be inside an egg (bubble) and was able to break (pop) our way out.  It was SO much fun and we made a hgue mess with the bubbles!  Also, we got to go color crazy ourselves by having a face painter come and morph our faces into different animals.  This was a fun night!  Scales and Tails wants to thank everyone for coming, especially Mike!

Check out pictures from our Color Crazy night: