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Thank you to all that attended Venom Night!

April 15th, 2009 | Comments Off on Thank you to all that attended Venom Night! | Posted in Events, Scales And Tails

All of us at Scales and Tails Utah want to thank those of you who attended our “VENOM NIGHT” last week at Wheeler Farm.  It was a huge success!  We had almost 200 people in attendance. 

This was a very informative workshop, which is a just a little bit different than our normal monthly workshop.  We were able to have Shane Provstgaard, a local serpentologist, come and present information on what type of venomous animals we typically find right here in Utah. We also learned what to do if we come upon one.  The best practice is to turn around and walk away.  Leave it alone! 

We took a short break after his presentation so that everyone would have a chance to visit the VENOM booth. Jim Dix of the Utah Reptile Rescue brought in several rattle snakes, poisionous spiders, and scorpions for display.  It was really cool to see things like a rattle snake and a black widow up close and personal!!  We even got out the magnifiying glasses so we could get an even closer look.  It also gave everyone a change to try out a scorpion sucker!  Did you know you can eat scopions and it WON’T hurt you!?!

The second half of the night was presented by Brad Dahl of the Utah Poison Control Center.  He gave us a very detailed description of what happens and what do do if you do become invenomated.  We learned that the majority of rattlesnakes bites were typically obtained by young men in their late teens to early twenties….and who were usually inebriated.  Funny that…  🙂 

Brad and Shane both gave great presentations and we are very greatful that they agreed to come.  Thank you guys!  We also want to thank Jim Dix for bringing out his collection of venomous animals.  He has a special permit to keep them that we do not have so we were very thankful that he could come as well.  

Thanks again to everyone in attendance.  We hope you had a great time and that you learned something helpful about living in proximity to venomous animals!  See you next month!

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