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We were on the news!!! Thank you FOX 13!

June 30th, 2009 | Comments Off on We were on the news!!! Thank you FOX 13! | Posted in Scales And Tails

Today was an exciting day for Scales and Tails!  We were able to introduce our company on Good Day Utah, Fox 13’s morning show.  We were privileged enough to have Big Budah come down to our shop and meet some of the Stars of our shows such as Squish, Isis, Twinkle Toes, and Zig Zag as well as some of our Show Presenters!  We had so much fun playing with the animals, putting scorpions in our mouths, and even surprised Dan and Kerri by sending our reticulated python, Bubbles, down to the studio.

If you would like to see some of the clips from this morning’s show, please go to:


Then look in the grey box and click on Big Budah and scroll down through his daily posts till you get to Scales and Tails.

Happy Viewing!!

-the crew of Scales & Tails


JUNE IS CHELONIAN MONTH! Workshop – June 17th

June 9th, 2009 | Comments Off on JUNE IS CHELONIAN MONTH! Workshop – June 17th | Posted in Scales And Tails

This month’s Reptile Workshop will be about Chelonians!  We will be learning about the cool lives of Turtles, Tortoises, and Tarapins!  If you have followed Scales and Tails shows at all then you will be familiar with some of our show stars such as Fuzzy Wuzzy, Daisy, and Twinkle Toes… however at this particular workshop we will introduce you to two of our newest stars: Flap & Jack!  They are “soft” tortoises.  Can you figure out what type they are?  I won’t tell you what kind they are here so you’ll have to come to the workshop to find out! 

We’ll learn all about the life styles of Chelonian’s and I’m pretty sure we’ll even get a chance to hold and  feed them!  After the workshop we will grow some tortoise shells of our own! This is a great time for the whole family to come out and learn about some of the coolest pets on earth!  So bring your brothers, your sisters, your cousins and your neighbors.  It’s going to be a BLAST!

Date: Wednesday, June 17th

Time: 6:30pm

Place: Scales & Tails Show Room – 152 W. Burton Ave (2360 S.), Ste. F, SLC, UT

Cost: $5/child (adults free)

Reptile Rookies: FREE!

Ask us how to become a Reptile Rookie!

We climbed like Tarantula’s!

June 9th, 2009 | Comments Off on We climbed like Tarantula’s! | Posted in Scales And Tails

This past Scales and Tails workshop was all about Tarantula’s!  We held our workshop at Momentum Climbing Gym.  (Thanks guys!)  First off we learned about a variety of tarantula’s, focusing mainly on the three that S&T has in-house.  The Rose Hair, the Pink Toe, and the Chaco Golden Tarantulas.  We looked at their fangs, their hairs and their sticky feet!  We even got to use a magnifying glass on a molt of a tarantula!  Everyone then got a chance to hold one of the creepy crawers.  It was a little scary for some but at the same time…really really cool!  Then Shane pulled out the BIG SURPRISE!  We got an up close and personal view of a Goliath Bird Eating tarantula!!!  It was HUGE!  We got to feed all the spider crickets and the we became spiders ourselves!  Momentum Climbing Gym allowed us to pretend to be tarantula’s by climbing the walls!  S&T had a team of belayers (people who tied us in the harnesses and made sure we were safe as we used the ropes to climb) and we were able to scramble up and down rock walls. It was SO much FUN!!  We can’t wait for next month!

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