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November Workshop – “Skulls”

November 11th, 2012 | Comments Off on November Workshop – “Skulls” | Posted in Scales And Tails

Have you ever been hiking through the mountains and found the skull of animal? Did you know what it was from? Come join Scales and Tails’ Jeremy Westerman for this awesome workshop to learn how to identify animals by their skulls and teeth! We’ll be playing a cool matching game after the presentation and then we’ll get to hold some LIVE animals to compare them to their skulls!

WHEN: Wednesday, Nov. 28th @ 6:30pm
WHERE: Scales & Tails Showroom – 3584 S. 1950 S., #13, WVC
COST: $5/child (parent’s free with paid child admission)

Reptile Rookies: FREE

Please RSVP to rindy@scalesandtailsutah.com