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We are moving our shows online!!

March 24th, 2020 | Comments Off on We are moving our shows online!! | Posted in Scales And Tails

Covid -19 look out! Scales and Tails will now be available for performing online shows for anyone who would like them.

We will still have our standard reptile show offerings, but we will also be adding in a mini reptile or bird show that will be great as a reward for doing school work or chores, or just to give the caretakers a minute to breath. Check out our current show package offerings: Shows & Pricing

Requirements: Clients will need a laptop, smart phone, tablet, or desktop with camera/video capabilities. You will need access to the internet and will be asked to download a small application called Zoom prior to the call of you don’t already have it.

Downside: You won’t be able to pet the reptiles.

Upside: It will still be interactive and we can give you a copy of the show after it’s over.

Personal attention right through your laptop!

Shoot us an e-mail or give us a call and we’ll get your online party setup today! 801-577-7182, info@scalesandtailsutah.com

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Covid-19 and Scales and Tails Utah

March 13th, 2020 | Comments Off on Covid-19 and Scales and Tails Utah | Posted in Scales And Tails

Dear Scales and Tails fans – 

We are closely monitoring developments of the global pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19). We are following updates from all sources.  Based upon current information, we will continue to operate as normal. This is subject to change as information is updated. 

We are keeping the health of our staff, guests and volunteers in the fore front of our daily dealings. As such, we will be taking extra precautions for our faculty tours. All guests will be asked to wash or sanitize their hands before and after their tours and anyone appearing ill will be asked to come back at a later time. Additional sanitation of common surfaces will also be implemented throughout the day such as door handles, bathrooms, railings, etc. 

Any of our staff who are not comfortable working during this trying time will be allowed to suspend their work schedules with proper notice. 

All traveling shows will continue as scheduled unless the purchaser cancels or reschedules. Please give us at least 24 hour notice of any changes. 

DONATIONS: We will gladly take donations of fruits, vegetables, raw chicken, turkey, and frozen or live rodents & rabbits so help us keep our animals fed. Due to the schools closing, we have lost a significant amount of income that would have been used to feed our animals. 

Any questions or concerns will be directed to the owners at 801-577-7182 or info@scalesandtailsutah.com


Shane & Rindy Richins, Owners