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Have you heard of Lefty?

May 18th, 2020 Posted in Scales And Tails

“Elias Caress, aka ‘Lefty’, is a magician based out of Salt Lake City UT, but performs worldwide.We bump into Elias at several big events each year.  Sometimes it’s a county fair, sometimes it’s a convention.  Sometimes he’s the MC of the main stage, sometimes he’s just finishing up a magic show as we’re on our way up to do our own show for the crowd.  Like us, Elias understands that in a big event there will be all ages and all demographics.  So you can’t do just a kids show, or just an adult’s show.  It has to be fun for everyone!  Elias uses family appropriate comedy and audience interaction to make his magic show memorable and exciting for the whole audience, not just a selected demographic. You can see tons of pictures and videos of Elias on his website and social media here.  You can also find out where to see him live!





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