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***Summer Camps at Scales & Tails Utah***

March 29th, 2013 | Comments Off on ***Summer Camps at Scales & Tails Utah*** | Posted in Events, Scales And Tails

Summer Camp 2013

Dates: June 10th – August 15th

Location: Scales & Tails Showroom – 3588 S. 1950 W., #13, WVC, UT 84119

Registration open now!!

Come out to a Summer Camp with Scales & Tails Utah!

Come out to a Summer Camp with Scales & Tails Utah!

Camp Theme: “Reptile Wrangling”

Your child will help our Scales & Tails guide learn how to properly handle snakes, lizards, and tortoises. Child will learn about proper handling techniques, correct habitats, and safe feeding procedures for each species of reptile. A simple snack of crackers, fruit and a juice box will be provided each day. Camp T-Shirt will also be included.

Youth Two Day Camps – Monday & Tuesday

9am – 12pm – Kindergarten – Third Grade – $100/child
1pm – 4pm – Fourth Grade – Sixth Grade – $100/child

Teen Two Day Camps – Wednesday & Thursday

9am – 12pm  – For 12 -15 years old – $100/teen

Schedule of Camps:

Week 1: Youth 6/10– 6/11  – No Teen Camp this week
Week 2: Youth 6/17 – 6/18 and Teen 6/19 – 6/20
Week 3: Youth 6/24 – 6/25 and Teen 6/26 – 6/27
Week 4: 7/1 – 7/4 – No classes due to Independence Celebrations
Week 5: Youth 7/8 – 7/9 and Teen 7/10 – 7/11
Week 6: Youth 7/15 – 7/16 and Teen 7/17 – 7/18
Week 7:  7/22 – 7/25 – No classes due to State Holiday
Week 8: Youth 7/29 – 7/30 and Teen 7/31 – 8/1
Week 9: Youth 8/5 – 8/6 – No Teen Camp this week
Week 10: Youth 8/12 – 8/13 and Teen 8/14 – 8/15


* Minimum of 4 participants needed to make the camp run.
* Maximum of 15 participants per camp session.
* $25 deposit required with application (refund available if camp does not run).
* Remainder of payment is due one week prior to camp start date. Check or Credit Card accepted.
* $20/hr child care fee for children not picked up with in 15 minutes of conclusion of camp each day.


To Register:

Please e-mail rindy@scalesandtailsutah.com to apply for session dates. Please notate how many children you wish to register, which camp dates you desire and which session: AM or PM. Once you are approved for a session, you will be sent a link to the registration paperwork.

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Educational Programs

December 5th, 2012 | Comments Off on Educational Programs | Posted in Scales And Tails

Scales and Tails Utah is excited to offer new educational programming for public and charter schools across the Wasatch Front! These presentations are connected to the Utah Core Educational Standards. Our educators will provide an interactive, hands-on approach to learning, and will connect students to amazing wildlife and ecosystems across the world.  Programs are 45 minutes long, and will feature live animals from our unique and diverse collection of reptiles, amphibians and birds.


The following presentations can be scheduled. Prices and contact information are listed below.


Elementary School



1. Amazing Adaptations

-Learn about some fascinating characteristics that help animals survive in their environment.

2. Dinner Time

-What do animals eat, and how do they find their food? Find out with this presentation!

3. Utah Reptiles and Amphibians (not currently available)

-Utah is home to a unique variety of scaly and slimy animals. Will you recognize any of the reptiles and amphibians we share this home with?

4. Invaders!

-Environments are being invaded by species that do not belong. Learn why this is a problem and how it can be prevented.


Middle School



1. Reproduction and Inherited Traits

-This presentation will teach students how animals find a mate, how they reproduce, and how traits are passed from parents to offspring.

2. Invasive Species

-Similar to the elementary school presentation, this program will offer a more in-depth look at invasive species and the mechanisms by which they spread.

3. Humans and Nature

-Humans have a dramatic impact on the environment, for better or worse. Learn about some of the different ways people have affected the world around      them.


High School



1. Ecology

-Organisms interact with their environment in a variety of ways. This program will teach about these complex interactions and how plants and animals survive.

2. Animal Evolution

-Learn about the basics of natural selection, genetics, and heredity as it pertains to the rise of new species on the planet.

3. Classification and Taxonomy

-Students will learn about the hierarchical classification system put in place for organisms.


Pricing and Contact Information


Assembly Presentation

For one grade, up to 6 classes.

These presentations are designed to teach an entire grade level at once. They are less hands-on than the in-class presentations, but will teach the same Utah  Core Educational Standards based material.

Cost: $250

In-Class Presentations

Classes must be in the same grade, at the same location, and presentations must be on the same day.

The in-class presentations are very hands-on, and provide the best learning environment for our Utah Core Educational Standards based programming. Our educators will move from classroom to classroom.

Cost: $200 for the first presentation, $100 for each subsequent presentation.


These presentations are designed to teach a single grade level at a time.

Any teachers looking to book a school-wide assembly

should consider our Medium, Large  or Grand Combo Event Package (please click here)

To schedule a presentation, contact info@scalesandtailsutah.com or call 801-577-7182.


Mission Statement


Scales and Tails Utah promotes an appreciation for wildlife and for Earth’s ecosystems by providing

environmental awareness through quality educational programming.

Utah Core Educational Standards

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