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How do YOU catch lizards??

November 20th, 2009 | Comments Off on How do YOU catch lizards?? | Posted in Events, Scales And Tails

November’s public workshop was so cool!  One of Scales & Tail’s entertainers, Jeremy Westerman, came and taught us all about finding cool things in the wild, like skulls, skins, bugs, and reptiles!  We talked about how sometimes its ok to take things we find out in the wilderness home and other times it is better to leave what we find, right where we found it.  Jeremy reminded us to take a camera with us so that if we find something cool that we can’t take home (because it is prohibited by law or because it just might not make a good pet) that we can still take a picture of it to remember it later!  Afterwards we had to practice researching about cool stuff we find in the wild and then we learned how to catch lizards using a 50 cent dowel and some dental floss!  It was a great night and I’m looking forward to next month already!  I hear it will be on Crodillians…

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