We have several different packages to offer. They range in price from $125 - $275. Travel fees may apply.
Please see our available packages for what is included in each party.
We have done parties for groups as small as one to as large as 1,000 and more! We have found that larger groups do exceptionally well because the excitement of the group helps create an even more exciting party. The party price is based on the package you choose not on the number of people in attendance.
We will bring our show to whatever location you choose as long as the temperatures are between 70-95 °F or can be temporarily brought to those temperatures. (Inside homes, on the lawn, in a park, at a community house, etc.)
Reptile Rookies is our Kids Club! Rookie benefits include: $25 off any party you book with Scales & Tails for one year. A Reptile Rookies T-Shirt. Discounts on merchandise as it becomes available. A personalized ID card and FREE entrance to all of our monthly public Reptile Workshops. Memberships are sold at each of our monthly workshops and are good for one year. Contact rindy@scalesandtailsutah.com for more information. To see future workshop topics and pricing, please viist our Reptile Rookies page.
Bearded Dragon lizard, Blue Tongue Skink, Leopard Geckos, Ball Pythons, Dumeril Boas, Milk Snake, Box Turtles, Russian Tortoises, Greek Tortoises. (This is just a small sample of good kid pets, the list is not limited to what is listed here.)
We recommend locally, Pets and Such, 3680 W. 3500 S., WVC, UT 801-966-8605, or Living Safari 6540 S. State Street, SLC, UT 801-266-0241. Or online for a bigger selection: http://www.kingsnake.com and go to the classifieds section.

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