Saul Chavez was born in Mexico where his father had a small aviary in the house. He helped take care of and scavenge local food for the birds. His favorite was a Yellow Crown Amazon parrot named Bart. When Saul moved to America his interests turned to reptiles. He used to have an irrational fear of snakes that pushed him to want to do research and learn more about them so he could understand why he feared them. The knowledge and experience he received from working with them helped get rid of his fears. Saul loves learning everything he can about the animals he's working with and has even had venomous snake training at the Phoenix Herpetological Society. Saul also has a great love for Poison Dart Frogs and currently has a large collection. Advice Saul would give above all else is to: Be responsible, Do your research, and Enjoy your hobby. He is fluent in Spanish and English.

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