My Name is T’yanna Newsome I’m from Bluffdale UT. I went to Riverton High school and graduated in 2015. I’m Currently going to Salt Lake Community College online to obtain my associates degree in Biology. After that I plan on attending Moore Park College to obtain a degree in exotic animal training. The primary reason I love reptiles and animals is because my parents are major animal lovers. I grew up having pet snakes with my dad and we have shared a love for reptiles for as long as I can remember. There was never a time in my life where we didn’t have pet snakes. My dad took me to every reptile expo from the time I was 8 until now (I am now 20). I have tons of pictures of me, as a kid, holding snakes. I’ve been handling reptiles sense I was 2. I started working with a reptile rescue and volunteered there for 5 and half years; which lead me here to Scales and Tails. I have been with Scales and Tails for a year and four months. When I’m finished with school I plan on following my dream to work at Steve Irwin’s zoo in Australia. I want to make a difference and help as many animals as possible with conservation and rehabilitation.

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