With the onset of Covid-19 and Social Distancing Mandates, we have adapted to bring live entertainment and education into your own home through the use of your laptop, smart phone, or tablet. We are using the Zoom platform online.

VIRTUAL SHOWS: It's a different world right now, but that doesn't mean everything has to stop!  Stuck at home?  Need some new entertainment?  Your Child has a birthday but can't invite his grandparents or friends?  Would you like to offer your online school children a special class? We've got you covered! Check out the show packges we offer below. Special allowances will be given to school teachers, please inquire. 

TRAVEL SHOWS: We will limit the number of guests to what ever the State of Utah is allowing at that time for public gatherings.  Mask wearing by all guests are preferred during any animal handling portion (when we are in close contact of each other) of the event so help slow the spread of Covid-19. 

If you don't see what you are looking for or have a question about one of the packages, please feel free to contact us for more information. 

NOTE: We currently are accepting payments via Venmo, Paypal, and Credit Cards over the phone as well as Cash or Check. 


Reptile Shows:

“The Toddler Show“ 


This show is catered to children 4 years old and younger. This will be a 30 minute "touch" and "hold" session with 5 very "nice" reptiles and a crocodilian skull. Your Reptile Guide will entertain the children with funny stories, jokes and songs about each reptile and will also let the children see the animals walk and move on the ground. This show is completely hands on. 

“The Teaser Show”


A 30 minute educational show where we bring a crocodilian skull, and 6 live small to medium reptiles (with at least one from each of the reptilian groups). The finale will be a snake between 6-8 feet. There are 15 minutes of animal handling after the show for a total of 45 minutes for the total package. 

“The Medium Show”


A 45 minute educational show with 15 minutes of animal handling afterward for a total of a one hour package. We bring creepy crawlies (Spiders, Scorpions, or Roaches), a crocodilian skull, and 8 live reptiles (snakes, lizards, and tortoises) which include two finale animals: a Giant Turtle or Tortoise (30-40 lbs) and a Giant Snake (10 ft+). 


“The Large Show”


A 45 minute educational show with 15 minutes of animal handling afterward for a total of a one hour package. We bring creepy crawlies (Spiders, Scorpions, or Roaches), lizards, a tortoise, and snakes for a total of 10 animals. There are four finale animals: a Giant Lizard (4 ft+), a Giant snake (10 ft+), a Giant Turtle or Tortoise (30-40 lbs), and a young Alligator, Caiman, or Crocodile (4 ft or less). 

Care of Mystical Creatures:

  • "Care of Mystical Creatures Teaser Show" - is a 30 minute presentation whisking the audience away into the mystical and magical realm of wizards and witches. We'll bring six reptiles and amphibians.  Your witch or wizard professor will dress in wizarding robes and use a few props to jazz up any party or themed celebration. Fifteen minutes of animal handling with some of the animals will be included after the presentation. Price: $300 Traveling / $150 Virtual
  • "Care of Mystical Creatures Medium Show" - is a 45 minute presentation whisking the audience away into the mystical and magical realm of wizards and witches. We'll bring eight reptiles and amphibians, and your witch or wizard professor will dress in wizarding robes and use props to jazz up any party or celebration. Fifteen minutes of animal handling with some of the animals will be included after the presentation.  Price: $350 Traveling / $175 Virtual
  • "Care of Mystical Creatures Handling Session" - is a 60 minute animal handling session with eight of our mystical and magical creatures featuring reptiles and amphibians. Our creature caretakers will wear wizarding robes and bring lots of fun props like magic books, owls & crows, skulls, wands, and more!  Price: $400
  • ADD ON: Additional animal handling hours can be added on to any presentation or handling session for $200/hr  

Bird Show:

  • "Birds of the World Show" - is a 30 minute bird show displaying six birds from around the world. Show birds could include: an American Pigeon, a Rainbow Lorikeet, a European Starling, a Trumpeter Hornbill, a Green Wing Macaw, an Umbrella Cockatoo or Red Fronted Macaw. Price: $325 Traveling

The Grand Combo:

  • Combination Large Show & The Birds of the World Show - is a 1 hour 30 minute educational presentation where we combine the flighted ambassadors of the sky with the slithering ambassadors of the ground into one cool and unique show. Includes 15 minutes of animal handling after the show with some of the animals. This two part package includes the Birds of the World show and the Large Reptile Show listed above. Price: $650 Traveling

Handling Only Events: 

  • Animal Packages and Pricing are the same as the show packages above, just without the show. Additional handling hours, after the first hour, will be $200/hr. (Some animals that are considered dangerous or unhandleable will still come with the packages but will just be shown and talked about by the animal wrangler and at their discretion may allow the patrons to pet the tail of the animal, such as the alligator or giant lizard.)

Private Facility Tours:

  • "One Hour Private Tour" - is a private tour behind the scenes of the Scales & Tails facility for up to EIGHT people. Your experienced tour guide will show you and your guests around our facility and introduce you to numerous snakes, lizards, tortoises, and alligators. Your guide will be able to answer questions and allow you and your guests to touch and hold many of the stars of Scales & Tails Utah. (Disclaimer - not all animals will be available for touch and hold. The safety and health of both you, the guests, and the animals will be taken into consideration on the day of the tour.)  Mask wearing by guests is preferred by not required.  Please note we will not have 6 ft of social distancing space between us and you.  Price: $175/hr (up to 8 people, additional guests will be $5/person)

Zookeeper Program 

  • Educational camps year round!  Click on the Zookeeper Program Tab at the top of the page for more details!

Scales & Tails Party Room (Not offering at this time):

  • Need a place to host your party? - Our Party Room rental includes Two Hours use of facility for up to 15 guests, a party facilitator to help coordinate your event, two tables and 15 chairs for guest use (children typically sit on the floor for the show), guests can bring in their own cake and decorations, parent is allowed to come in 30 minutes prior to reserved time in order to set up. We will do clean up after. The party room rental is a separate fee in addition to any show package or admission fees you purchase. We do not provide cups, plates, napkins, table cloths, or utensils, please bring your own. (Please note: shop rental does not guarantee that all of our animals will be in the shop on the day of your party. Any animals still in the shop are a bonus.) Price: $75 Additional hours: $25/hr

Scouting Merit Badge Program (Not offering)

  • "Reptile & Amphibian Merit Badge" - Scouts should sign up for a Wednesday night for first session with a merit badge councilor.  We would then give them a pass to come back four more times so they may observe the animal of their choosing.  The pass will be good for any of our public hours. During the first session we will help the scout complete requirements 1-7, 9b &10.  Requirement 8b will be signed off on the fifth visit completing the merit badge.  An appointment should be made for the 1st and 5th visits to ensure a merit badge councilor is assigned. Parent or supervisor is free - includes 5 visits total  Price:  $25/scout

Animal Displays/Exhibits:

  • Displays for big events - Want to add a cool animal exhibit to your next big event?  Our reptile displays are great for fairs, festivals, grand openings, trade shows, halloween parties & spook alleys, Harry Potter events, school carnivals, corporate events, and many other events. (Click here for display info and pricing)

Animals for Rent:

  • Models, Photo Shoots, Movies, Film etc - We will rent our animals out for photo shoots, video shoots, club parties, photo booths, clubs, plays, for dancers, and many other special events as long as it is deemed safe and ethical for the animals involved. An animal wrangler will accompany all animals to monitor animal health and wellbeing as well as to provide instruction on safe handling techniques and to help with with animal placement. Pricing will vary depending on type of animals requested, length of time, and number of animals handlers needed.  Please call or e-mail for more details.


  • Travel Fees - Travel fees apply to all shows booked outside the Salt Lake Valley. 

  • Sound Systems - Available for your show upon request for an additional $50.

  • Multiple Shows - Other Discounts available when booking multiple shows in the same day. Call for details.

  • Invitations - Custom Scales & Tails invitations are available. They are for sale as follows: 10 for $15, 20 for $25 and 30 for $35 or $1.75/invitation for extras. See a sample of our invitations or contact us for purchasing details.

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